Venice Gondola Romance Popup Card

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Venice Gondola Romance Popup Card

Within its one incredible 3D sculpted popup feature, this card manages to capture every aesthetic that makes Venice such a famous and beloved city.

The card’s centrepiece folds out to reveal a romantic gondola ride scene, with an adorable couple being ferried across the famous canals and beneath the bridges of Venice. The front cover is in a brown colour with the image of a gondola and gondolier navigating the waters of the Italian city.

Perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, wedding celebrations, women’s birthday’s or to say thank you or I love you.


Comes complete with a white envelope in a clear cellophane wrapper.


Weight, Size & Material:

Weight - 0.10kg

Width - 15cm

Height - 20cm

Depth - 0.3cm

Material - We use the highest quality paper imported from Korea, Japan and Italy.