Pirate Ship Pop Up Card

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Pirate Ship Popup Card

Join a swashbuckling adventure and a mischievous crew with this popup pirate ship card.

The front has a dark blue cover, with a stunning moonlit ship sailing the seas. Open the card and watch the magic unfold, painted a navy-blue colour with dashing white sails. The three-dimensional sculpture is topped by a mast and a jolly-roger signed pirate flag waving in the wind.

This exciting card is perfect for children’s birthdays, men and women’s birthdays, or to say thank you and good luck.


Comes complete with a white envelope in a clear cellophane wrapper.


Weight, Size & Material:

Weight - 0.10kg

Width - 15cm

Height - 20cm

Depth - 0.3cm

Material - We use the highest quality paper imported from Korea, Japan and Italy.