Pink Cherry Blossom Tree Popup Card

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Pink Cherry Blossom Tree Popup Card

The cherry blossoms of Japan are a symbolic of the fleeting beauty of spring, and this card captures their loveliness in glorious fashion.

A pink front cover features a laser-cut illustration of a cherry blossom tree. Open the card to reveal a stunning, colourful three-dimensional tree that would look at home on any mantelpiece. The leaves are in a vibrant pink colour, surrounded by petals that have fallen to the floor.

Perfect for birthdays, to say thank you, to celebrate special occasions, or to say I love you.


Comes complete with a white envelope in a clear cellophane wrapper.


Weight, Size & Material:

Weight - 0.10kg

Width - 12.5cm

Height - 17.5cm

Depth - 0.3cm

Material - We use the highest quality paper imported from Korea, Japan and Italy.